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SunSystems_370x262pxREADInfor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) joins up all your business functions and sites, ensuring you effectively manage, maintain and track your operational assets. Our asset management software provides best practice oil & gas functionality for inventory, supply chain (SCM), contracts and maintenance management

We are the only consultancy dedicated to providing user friendly business systems for the oil & gas industry, specialising in financial accounting systems, supply chain and enterprise asset management software solutions. Designed to handle the critical needs of oil & gas organisations, applications include task management, safety protocol and asset management. We are the only Infor Channel Partner dedicated to the sector and have specifically developed builds and templates which increase speeds and reduce costs. We also fully understand your finance accounting systems and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software.

SunSystems_370x262pxREADInfor SunSystems. The focus for the financial accounting software component of our delivery. Implemented by us in over 40 oil & gas companies. SunSystems has a long history of being the favoured solution within the oil & gas industry. Internationally there are over 600 oil & gas companies using SunSystems.

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