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Executive Interview

5 changes that will make you more cost effective

Bringing Cloud to Earth
Using Hybrid Solutions to deliver IT in areas where connectivity is a challenge

Total Asset Management To Maximise ROI


Having first met Duncan back in 2013, Progressive have been working with Svenska for the last 2 years, helping them to in their drive for efficiencies with our financial & asset management solutions…

Low oil prices have brought talk of cost savings, efficiencies and the possibilities of pooling resources. You only have to google ‘low oil price’ to see a host of E & P companies embarking on cost…

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Big Data and Cloud computing have been some of the buzzwords in the IT industry in recent times. But what are they, why should you be interested, and can they…

Recording every detail of every asset and proactively managing the activities around each asset, is the only way to maintain optimum performance and overall site productivity…


Playing It Safe With Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Upgrade Your Financial Efficiency

Ever-So-Easy Invoicing & Even Easier Approvals

Extract Your Figures In Real-Time


EAM can be implemented to improve HSSE management in the oil and gas industry Oil and gas is a high-risk industry. Operational risks are huge, with challenging geological conditions and security issues…

Upgrading or migrating any business system can feel like a daunting task and that feeling can be emphasised when it’s relating to something as fundamentally important as your finance system…

eInvoicing gives you instant access to every invoice received, with the ability to easily circulate invoices around your team – gaining the necessary approvals and tracking them at every step along the way…

In this age of information, companies feel obligated to dedicate immeasurable resources to keeping accurate records. But, does this actually enable you to extract the information you need…


The Forecast In Oil And Gas Is Clear With A Touch Of Cloud

How Independent Oil & Gas Companies Can Make Themselves A More Attractive Investment Proposition

10 Steps For Matching Finance & IT Systems With The Development Phases Of Oil & Gas

Empowering People By Lowering Procurement Barriers


Thanks to its many commercial benefits and the world of possibilities, cloud computing is becoming a popular model for the IT-savvy business that has growth on its agenda….

Interview With: Chris Walcot, Director Progressive Angelos Damaskos Chief Executive Officer Sector Investment Managers Ltd What do investors look for in an investment opportunity? ….

When starting or expanding an oil and gas business you’ll have many things to consider and getting your finance and IT systems right might not seem like a top priority or even a concern…

With the resource pool of experts so concentrated, competition for the top talent becomes fiercer and demand for efficient resourcing gets ever greater. Maintaining tight control of human capital…


Independents Should Aim Higher To Manage Perceived Risk

What Issues Are Your Independent O&G Clients Most Concerned With In 2012 And How Can They Overcome The Challenges These Issues Present?


As we enter the new financial year, unsurprisingly, access to capital continues to be the overriding concern for oil and gas CFOs. With CFOs considering IPO against a backdrop of a persistently volatile…

Progressive are finding that clients are becoming increasingly concerned with difficulties in raising capital investment, especially for North Sea projects. This region is increasingly being hailed…