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A single source of the truth is critical.

Multi-located oil & gas companies need to be able to input and access data and information, no matter what location they are working from, whilst maintaining one single set of data company wide.

Progressive have developed ProSync to overcome the challenges of poor internet connectivity, enabling remote sites to use local systems that synchronise between all sites including head office.



  • Enables collaborative working both within sites and across sites
  • Decrease dependance on expensive high grade communication infrastructure. Everybody has access to the most up to date information and the same information, maintaining a single source of the truth
  • There are no interruptions to work, even when connectivity is down. Information and data is stored locally, and then synchronised when connections are restored
  • Better security, as system access can be controlled and updated centrally
  • Data monitoring and audit trails are maintained
  • Less time spent chasing information for company-wide reporting and data analysis

ProSync provides a real, workable option for oil & gas. A single repository of information can be maintained, with accessibility both on and offline to enable all sites to work in the same way with the same information, no matter how remote.

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