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System Implementation and Upgrade

Progressive have implemented systems for more than 40 oil & gas companies. There are a number of key attributes that differentiate our system implementations and upgrades:

  • Evaluation: ongoing evaluation throughout the entire implementation, ensuring your new solution meets expectations and delivers against your original objectives.
  • Configuration and Installation: your solution is installed and configured to the specifications developed during our design phase, with ongoing testing and fine-tuning to ensure the system’s functionality delivers maximum benefits.
  • Data Migration: we understand the importance of the migration of data to your new solution, ensuring there are no inaccuracies or anomalies in your new data sets. We can assist with data mapping between legacy and new systems, and perform data cleansing to minimise the risk of errors. This is also available as a specialist stand-alone service.
  • Reporting: agile and intuitive reporting tools are a key part of most implementations. Well-implemented reporting frees up your finance team to focus on important analytical tasks and better planning, and management can obtain accurate reports more frequently, and even self-serve data, to respond to stakeholders in real time.