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The Progressive story so far…

Progressive are the only consultancy providing Business Solutions specifically to the oil & gas industry. Expertise includes SunSystems and Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management).

After a successful career at Enterprise Oil and Shell, Progressive was formed in 2004 by Marianne. Using her expertise and experience of financial systems, and specifically SunSystems, within the oil & gas sector, she quickly built a reputation for on time delivery, with the added extras of knowledge and understanding of the industry and the ability to challenge push for the right solution for clients. Her husband Chris, a highly regarded business systems professional, gave up corporate life in a global IT systems provider shortly after to become the second Director of Progressive.

Marianne and Chris have seen demand for their holistic approach to business solutions consultancy grow, and now employ more than 14 experienced finance, system and asset management professionals, along with a network of specialist consultants to deliver on specific aspects of their projects.

Progressive currently serve a global client base, delivering Finance, Asset Management, Invoicing and Supply Chain solutions. Marianne and Chris are still very much hands-on – they have a presence on all projects, and delivery is personally assured by one of the Directors. The values bought by Marianne in the early implementations are still apparent in the way Progressive works with its clients – delivering a holistic solution that considers both systems and ways of working, providing honest feedback and challenge, and ongoing support and continuous improvement beyond Go-Live, ensuring you get the outcomes and benefits you require from a Progressive implementation.

Marianne Walcot (COO) and Chris Walcot (CEO)