This is the first in a series of profiles on Progressive TSL, a series of short interviews that introduce you to some of the people behind Progressive TSL. Alexandra Taylor is Progressive TSL’s Finance Lead; here she discusses her experiences of working at Progressive TSL for over six years.

How long have you been working for Progressive TSL?

I started in July of 2013.

What’s it like working for Progressive TSL?

It’s great; I really enjoy it. Marianne (Progressive TSL’s CFO and co-founder) is good fun to work with, as are the rest of the team. We have great relationships with our clients, and no two days are the same Progressive TSL are very dynamic and forward-thinking or anyone else in the team comes to Marianne or Chris (Progressive TSL’s CEO) with an idea, it’s really welcomed – there’s an innovative, agile culture.

What experience did you have before coming to work for Progressive TSL?

I received my undergraduate accountancy degree at The University of New England in Australia while working at a private accountancy practice in Sydney (Alexandra is originally from Australia)moved to London, where I qualified as an accountant, and throughout my career, I have worked in accounting, systems management and system administration. These previous roles were all outside the energy sector, so when I joined Progressive TSL, I started to learn more about the oil and gas business.

Why did you choose to specialise in Oil and Gas finance?

It chose me! I met Chris (Progressive TSL’s CEO), and he thought that I’d be an excellent fit for the finance team, and since then, I’ve moved up to become Finance Lead.

What is your favourite thing about working in Progressive TSL?

One thing I love about my role is the chance to travel and meet our clients face to face (Alexandra regularly travels all over the world to meet clients, in the past few months she’s taken several trips to clients in Aberdeen, Lagos and Paris). You get so much more out of the relationship when you meet them in person. Clients are always pleased to see us – they really appreciate the dedication we show by taking the time to visit them.

Your work takes you all over the world visiting clients. When you have a chance, what do you like to do to relax?

I love sampling the foodie side of London, and spending time with family and friends – including my Progressive TSL family – we’re quite a social bunch.

An interesting fact about you?

I play the violin, and I paint – I find both very relaxing.

How has your working life changed since having children – has Progressive TSL been flexible to your needs?

Progressive TSL have been really flexible and accommodating. Marianne has raised kids herself (triplets!) she understands the work-life balance. Having a young family definitely isn’t detrimental to your career at Progressive TSL, I’m still thought of as a crucial part of the team. That was also seen throughout my maternity. Progressive TSL kept me up-to-date on my projects, so I felt included and confident to come back to work.

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