Infor OS

Infor OS

Infor OS  Overview

Underpinning Progressive’s Infor implementations is Infor OS – Infor’s cloud operating platform. Infor OS brings business processes to life, enabling ease of use across business functions wherever you are working – on-site, at home, in the office or travelling between.

Infor OS Features

  • Full integration to other systems including third-party applications using Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION)
  • Workflow approval
  • The Ming.le app for mobile approvals and team collaborations
  • Digital Document Management
  • AI insights and Business Intelligence with Infor Coleman AI and Infor Data Lake components
  • Automation of multi-step and complex tasks
  • Unification of your entire business ecosystem

Managing approvals with Infor OS

Our clients utilise Infor OS to facilitate financial and operational approvals workflow in line with company Delegation of Authority (DOA). We also manage their approvals through web and phones/tablets using Ming.le – enabling approvals while on the move.  For more information, please read our blog: Approvals on the Go.

Infor EAM

Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) joins up all your business functions and sites, helping you better manage, maintain and track your assets.

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Infor SunSystems

SunSystems is a premium financial management solution designed to centralise and streamline all your financial processes.

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