Progressive TSL’s origins are in the energy industry

Since 2004, we have delivered over 50 successful enterprise software implementations to this sector. They have been developed to reflect our experience and understanding gained over many years working in the industry.

We deliver tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of the energy sector, including upstream oil & gas, renewables, energy generation and distribution.

We implement industry-leading solutions HxGN EAM, Infor SunSystems, SunSystems Cloud, Infor OS, IBM Maximo and IBM Envizi alongside our own in-house and partner products; for a full list, see solutions.

Our long-standing dedication and relationship with the energy industry mean that we have a great portfolio of clients worldwide – read our clients’ stories.

Progressive's energy expertise - filmed at Africa Energy 2022

Our Energy Sectors

Oil & Gas

We have a long-standing relationship with the upstream Oil & Gas industry.
Our Oil & Gas Exploration and Production clients come to us at different stages in their company’s life: 

  • As they commence a drilling and exploration campaign. 
  • When diversifying and expanding their portfolio of assets.  
  • As they launch an IPO or seek funding for a new project, necessitating greater transparency in financial reporting and budgeting.
  • Following an acquisition or divestment where there is a need to consolidate systems and processes.
  • Entering new Joint Ventures.
  • Expansion into a new country with new financial regulations, languages, banking requirements or currencies.


As the world works towards net zero, we can support energy companies generating energy using a full range of sources, including nuclear, gas, hydro, wind and solar.

Progressive’s solutions will ensure the generation assets are operated efficiently with minimal outages in energy generation.

Our best-of-breed solutions support intelligent maintenance, inventory and procurement strategies that will help assets to power through.


Progressive’s solutions provide a platform to manage the assets that distribute and transport electricity and gas across countries and continents.

To avoid breaks in supply, the pipeline and electricity network infrastructure must be effectively managed.

Our solutions can manage the work of construction, maintenance, and metering teams. We can also manage procurement and inventory management of equipment and materials necessary to perform the work.

Our fleet management and logistics solutions can also manage the efficient transportation of both fuels and materials as required.

Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Production

Our asset management, finance and procurement solutions are used by energy companies working towards a net-zero future.

Progressive TSL’s solutions are also currently supporting carbon capture and green and blue hydrogen production projects.