Progressive TSL are an industry-focused ERP technology company that support organisations across the globe looking to enhance their finance, supply chain, asset management, and ESG systems and processes. Progressive’s experience and technical expertise bring an agile, best-practice approach to its client projects. Progressive builds long-term relationships with each of its clients, working together to ensure their software solutions continue to provide a platform for growth. Progressive’s end-to-end ERP solution is implemented in a modular, fully integrated manner, to achieve a streamlined flow of data throughout the entire ERP process. As a SaaS-first company, we recognise the value of implementing cloud-based solutions, ensuring our clients benefit from future-proof scalability and enhanced security.


Flexible Cloud ERP Technology Solution

Progressive's ERP Modules


To centralise and streamline your accounting processes. With functionality and depth of analysis to support businesses working nationally and internationally across asset intensive industries with complex commercial environments.

Financial & Management Reporting

Providing centralised management reporting, KPIs, insights and analysis, empowering strategic decision-making.


Automated procurement solutions for cost efficiency, ensuring that purchases flow quickly, using electronic approvals with a full audit trail, to final order, receipt and invoice registration quickly and efficiently.


Real-time tracking and automation to manage, monitor, control and replenish inventory items across multiple sites.

Contracts Management

A portal to manage the whole contract lifecycle, from initial contract engagement, tender management and contract versioning through to contract call off.

Advanced Supplier Management

The Progressive Self-Service Supplier portal provides suppliers with controlled access to enter and manage company details, certifications, bank details and other documents e.g. ESG reports. This reduces administrative burden and helps keep information up to date.


Maximise productivity, optimise asset lifecycles, reduce downtime and manage assets sustainably through a combination of predictive, preventative and reactive maintenance strategies and real-time monitoring.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications allow users to access the Progressive solutions whilst working remotely – whether out in the field or travelling. This provides real-time access, data entry, and approvals, for example to work orders, invoices, stock checks and asset inspections.


The ESG platform automates the acquisition, consolidation, administration, analysis, and reporting of your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information.

Industry-specific Frameworks

We overlay these software products with Progressive’s industry-specific best practice frameworks resulting in a solution that supports each individual client’s processes and requirements. These solutions will address the current business needs but will also be configured in a way that enables the software to develop through time, underpinning each client’s roadmap to growth.

Progressive's Portfolio

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