The IBM Envizi ESG platform automates the acquisition, consolidation, administration, analysis, and reporting of your environmental, social and governance (ESG) information.

  IBM Envizi Sustainability Performance Management

Envizi helps:​

  • Establish a data foundation and unified system of record that provides traceable, finance-grade ESG and sustainability information.
  • Simplify the reporting process to satisfy both internal and external ESG and sustainability reporting criteria.
  • Incorporate sustainability into daily operations by integrating internal and external stakeholders, processes, and technology.
  • Expedite decarbonisation by unlocking insights to identify the quickest and most cost-efficient route to decarbonisation.


Improve your ESG Data Management, Performance and Analytics

Automate data collection: Automate the gathering and merging of over 500 diverse data types, evaluate and discover opportunities for efficiency and sustainability hazards, and report against leading international ESG reporting frameworks.

Manage emissions: Quantify Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions to identify energy inefficiencies.

ESG reporting: Streamline ESG disclosures to decrease the complexity of ESG reporting and decrease disclosure risk.

ESG performance: Establish and monitor initiatives to achieve net-zero emissions targets, and examine utility/energy use to identify high-consumption areas.

Supporting the journey towards net-zero

Through Envizi, organisations can establish goals and monitor their advancement towards meeting their ESG targets, enabling them to report their performance against anticipated results on a portfolio or asset basis.

IBM is a leading provider in Enterprise Carbon Management Software

Independent analyst firm, Verdantix reviewed prominent carbon management software vendors. IBM achieved the highest cumulative score and is ranked in the top right of the leader’s quadrant.

Envizi achieved the highest scores of any vendor in the categories of Data Quality Control & Renewable Energy Sourcing & Contracts.

Progressive TSL - driving your ESG goals

Progressive know that ESG is now a top priority for our clients working in asset-intensive industries. Progressive now offer IBM Envizi alongside Progressive’s EAM solutions enabling organisations to define ESG Strategy, establish ESG data, reporting and risk management and operationalise sustainability goals, all within one single integrated solution.  This powerful end-to-end solution helps organisations with a network of physical assets to achieve their ESG goals – reduce emissions, efficient asset management, climate risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

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