Making Tax Digital (MTD) is HMRC’s initiative to digitise tax.

As of April 2019, VAT registered businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold must both keep records in a digital form for VAT purposes and submit VAT returns using software compatible with HMRC’s MTD Application Programming Interface (API).

How can Progressive TSL help?

Progressive TSL are working with our longstanding partner, Professional Advantage (PA), to provide our Infor SunSystems clients with an HMRC compatible solution for the generation and submission of VAT returns: PAMTD for Infor SunSystems.

About PAMTD for Infor SunSystems

PAMTD for Infor SunSystems automates the link between Infor SunSystems and HMRC. Through its embedded integration, it also provides a full audit trail by maintaining the link between submitted VAT returns and source transactions. Additional features include:

  •   Fully integrated with SunSystems
  •   Undergoing HMRC certification
  •   Provides an audit trail of previous VAT returns and associated transactions
  •   Allows for adjustments of calculated amounts, with storage of associated data
  •   Caters for multiple business units or groups of companies
  •   Posts journals back to the SunSystems VAT credit account
  •   Process automation using preformatted templates
  •   Ongoing development to meet future HMRC requirements

Please note that, depending on the complexity of your current VAT return process, it is anticipated that a minimum of 2 days’ Progressive consultancy time will be required to implement PAMTD for Infor SunSystems.

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