Progressive TSL offers business systems for the mining and extraction sectors.

These systems will support all stages of mining and quarrying, including extraction, transportation and processing. Our mining solutions cover metals and minerals mining, quarrying and aggregate mining.

Our solutions include:

  • inventory
  • finance
  • procurement
  • maintenance
  • fleet management
  • fixed plant assets
  • ESG

Our insight into this sector has shaped our best-practice implementation framework to meet the specific needs of mining businesses.

Key requirements:

  • Ensure all stages of the mining process are running at optimum levels with no bottlenecks between stages.
  • Develop robust maintenance strategies for both static and mobile assets. Guarantee maintenance activities are scheduled efficiently.
  • Full visibility of workforce status and availability, both operations and essential support staff (i.e. Medics, Security and Welfare.)
  • Keep track of all inventory levels and locations to avoid unnecessary purchases, materials obsolescence or material shortages.
  • Manage the full asset lifecycle from commissioning to end of life.
  • Correctly depreciate critical assets, including mobile and static plants, over the mine’s lifetime in-line with applicable financial regulators.
  • Accurate reporting of costs across all stages (in some cases including discovery costs), as well as standard G&A costs

Progressive TSL delivers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of the mining sector. We implement industry-leading solutions HxGN EAM, Infor SunSystems, SunSystems Cloud, Infor OS, IBM Maximo and IBM Envizi, alongside our own in-house and partner products for a full list, see solutions.