Jersey Electricity's digital transformation project in partnership with Progressive & HxGN EAM

Jersey Electricity has long benefited from HxGN EAM to manage our power generation assets. As the business seeks to enhance its capability and operational efficiency by use of the latest technologies and digital solutions, extending this system to our distribution assets, together with the rollout of the mobile solution, will help to optimize performance across all of our Energy Division operations. 

Mark Preece, Operations Director, Jersey Electricity plc.

About Jersey Electricity

Jersey Electricity plc is a vertically integrated power utility dealing in the importation, generation, transmission, and distribution of sustainable, low–carbon energy. It is the sole supplier of electricity in Jersey, part of the British Channel Islands, serving around 50,000 domestic and commercial customers.

Digital Transformation at Jersey Electricity

Jersey Electricity (JE) is a long-standing user of the best-in-class enterprise asset management system, HxGN EAM, to manage JE’s power generation assets. JE recognised the value of moving its existing asset management solution to the cloud, introducing a mobile application, and extending HxGN EAM into other areas of its business. 

Progressive TSL rolled out HxGN EAM across JE’s energy generation and distribution teams. The new solution is fully integrated with JE’s existing systems.

Key benefits for Jersey Electricity

  • Mobility – enables technicians working in the field to access and update key data from the central EAM system in real time 
  • Additional EAM functionality – incorporating not only maintenance but also HxGN EAM’s procurement and inventory management features – streamlining processes and driving efficiencies.
  • Extension into other JE teams – the benefits of HxGN EAM will be extended from the generation team out to the JE distribution team. 
  • HxGN EAM Cloud – enables a fully managed service, ensuring JE is always on the latest software version and able to benefit from Infor’s continued investment and development of the HxGN EAM application. 

Progressive TSL is excited to be working with Jersey Electricity on this transformative project. Our consultants will be working closely with the teams in Jersey across the Energy Division to ensure they fully benefit from Hexagon’s functionally-rich EAM solution.

Chris Walcot, CEO, Progressive TSL

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