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At Progressive, we understand that a rigorous Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy should be the foundation, not mere checkboxes, of every forward-looking organisation. ProESG, Progressive’s cutting-edge solution, streamlines the acquisition, consolidation, analysis and reporting of your ESG information. Further to this, Progressive’s ERP solutions (incorporating enterprise asset management, financial management and human capital management) enable organisations to not just report but put ESG at the core of your operational strategy.

Industry Focus – addressing the E, S and G

Progressive specialises in serving asset-intensive industries, including oil & gas, energy, mining, and engineering services. We recognise the specific drivers of these industries when it comes to addressing ESG and sustainability in their operational strategy.

In the context of oil and gas and mining organisations, direct carbon emissions constitute a substantial portion of their overall environmental impact. These organisations face increasing pressure to actively oversee, disclose, and reduce these emissions.

Many of Progressive’s clients have operations and assets across Africa where it is crucial to operate in a socially responsible way supporting local communities in the specific regions where they operate.

To succeed during these turbulent times for the oil and gas industry, not only is it important to address the E (environmental) and S (social) aspects of their business operations but addressing the G (governance) is also paramount. Strong governance is reflected right through from board appointments to the management of expenditures and transparency of financial transactions.

ProESG: Your Sustainable Solution in the Cloud

ProESG is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution hosted on the AWS cloud. Progressive’s integrated ProESG reporting and ERP solution applies the ESG lens to financial, operational and HR data. The ESG dashboard identifies where to focus future operational strategy. This strategy is then driven forward through Progressive’s ERP solutions.

ProESG Key Features

  • Industry Knowledge + Application: Benefit from industry expertise tailored to address your specific ESG challenges, coupled with the active implementation of systems to drive practical results.
  • Financial Transparency: Provide clarity into the financial aspects of your ESG initiatives, through transparency, accountability and strong governance.
  • SaaS Deployment: Experience the benefits of a Software-as-a-Service model, providing agility and secure access.
  • End-to-End Reporting and Management Tool: Utilise our end-to-end reporting and management tool to streamline your ESG processes.

  • ESG Goals integrated into Operations: Seamlessly embed ESG considerations into your day-to-day operations, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental, social, and governance objectives.
  • Sustainable Asset Management: Maintain assets to achieve, efficiency, productivity and environmental targets. Incorporate long-term ESG goals into your Asset Investment Planning strategy.
  • Inventory Management: Efficiently supervise and track your materials and assets, with a particular focus on addressing environmental considerations like waste management, to enhance your overall ESG strategy.
  • Supply Chain Management: Make ESG a factor in your procurement and SCM decision-making.

Our unique position

In today’s increasingly ESG-focused landscape, the imperative to meet environmental, social, and governance criteria is pushing sustainability measures to the forefront. Progressive stands uniquely positioned with a comprehensive understanding of finance, procurement, and asset maintenance processes in the industries we serve, integrating these facets helps facilitate the seamless flow of data into ProESG for recording, modelling, and mapping achievements against ESG targets. This integration allows organisations to leverage EAM coupled with AI technology, strategically navigating toward their net-zero goals. From maintaining assets for enhanced energy efficiency through predictive maintenance strategies to streamlining waste management and mitigating supply chain environmental impact, our systems offer holistic solutions. By scoring assets on their green credentials and factoring in carbon footprints during procurement, organisations can align with ESG objectives both internally and throughout their supply chains. Through these integrated initiatives, we empower organisations to not only understand but actively address critical areas, fostering sustainable practices and driving effective ESG strategies.

Embark on your ESG journey with ProESG and Progressive — where innovation meets sustainability.

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