SunSystems is a best-of-breed financial management solution (FMS) designed to centralise and streamline all your financial processes.

The system is highly scalable with companies ranging from a single user to companies with over 200 active users, bringing accessibility, adaptability, and potential to maximise efficiencies.

SunSystems has a long history of being the favoured solution within asset-intensive industries. Progressive TSL has implemented Sunsystems as part of our finance solution to over 50 companies read some of our case studies.

Progressive can implement SunSystems as a fully integrated end-to-end solution alongside market-leading Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM) IBM Maximo or HxGN EAM.

Infor SunSystems is available as an on-premises solution or as a multi-tenant SunSystems Cloud.

An introduction to Infor SunSystems from our partners at Infor

Why do I need 

Centralised, global, consolidated system

Enables informed decision making using data you can trust.

Administrative efficiency

Streamlined process with minimal manual data entry improves administrative efficiency enabling more time to strategically analyse outputs and improve workflows, whilst reducing human error.

Demonstrate robust financial management to your investors

Accurate, timely reporting and strong budgetary control provides the opportunity to demonstrate good management, and ultimately boost investor confidence in your organisation.

Support Multi-Country and Global Investment Opportunities

Multi-currency, multi-law accounting, taxation standards and multi-language at a transactional and reporting level, to take advantage of global investment opportunities.

Download Infor SunSystems Accounting PDF

Key Features of SunSystems include:

  • Consolidated chart of accounts
  • One real-time global view of accounting data
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency at a transactional and reporting level
  • Joint Venture accounting
  • Joint interest billings generation
  • Advanced payments and mixed currency payments
  • Simplified custom reporting functionality
  • Integrated local and corporate reporting
  • Automated accounting

  • Track cost allocation, expense, revenue and cost recovery
  • Adherence to a range of financial regulations including IFRS and SYSCOHADA
  • Enable a range of tax arrangements across countries and jurisdictions
  • Budget warnings/ blocking to alert on department overspend
  • Invoices and payments matched off with payment runs generated through the system
  • Access financial information  when working remotely or with poor communications
  • Automated cutback process

On-demand Reporting with Infor's Query & Analysis (Q&A)

Infor Q&A is SunSystems standard reporting tool.

This tool is easy to master, enabling your finance team to create customisable reports specific to their department or business.

This means that at a department and management level, your organisation has access to real-time reporting to make better decisions and grow the business.

The reports have a spreadsheet look and feel, with graphical representations and logos supported.

Reports can be distributed via print, email, PDF format or as HTML to enable publishing to web browsers.  The reports can be scheduled to run and be distributed at specific dates/times using the Q&A tool.


Progressive TSL's frameworks for industry

Progressive TSL’s frameworks for Infor SunSystems have been developed based on many years of experience. These frameworks address the specific needs and processes of these asset-intensive industries, the functionality can be delivered all together, or as part of a phased rollout.

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