Infor SunSystems Cloud is now available in the multi-tenant Infor Cloud, a new, innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

SunSystems Cloud is built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS) – giving organisations the added confidence that their financial management system is supported by resilient, world-class, advanced cloud technology.

Infor SunSystems has long been recognised as the leading financial management and reporting system for asset-intensive industries. Please see Infor SunSystems for an overview of the key features and benefits we are delivering to our SunSystems clients.

Migrating to Infor Cloud - On-premise vs Cloud

Why migrate to SunSystems Cloud?

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
SaaS removes the costs associated with setting up the necessary hardware in-house and frees up your IT team from the ongoing maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

Always up-to-date
SunSystems updates and innovates with minimal downtime and IT intervention. You will still, however, maintain total control, with the opportunity to review changes before sending live.

Advanced security
Cloud security is paramount, incorporating best-in-class compliance and cyber-security protocols. Users benefit from immediate security updates to protect against vulnerabilities and threats. You can also keep your data and systems safe in the cloud with innovative password and access control facilities.

Maximises uptime
Robust infrastructure, automated provisioning and replication maximise system performance.

Modern Innovative Architecture
SunSystems Cloud seamlessly integrates with the full suite of Infor Cloud applications, extending the solution to incorporate mobility, business intelligence analytics technology and other business functions.

SunSystemsCloud usage can be flexed up or down to reflect changes in your organisation’s workload.

Learn more about the benefits of transitioning to SunSystems Cloud

Download our Transitioning to SunSystems Cloud PDF

Infor SunSystems Cloud in Action

Independent energy company Gulfsands became the first Infor multi-tenant cloud customer, benefitting from enhanced security, reduced risk and a lower IT footprint from which to scale operations.

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