Today’s finance leaders are already starting to capitalise on the strategic business benefits delivered by a forward-looking digital transformation initiative with a transition to a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud platform at its heart.

SaaS solutions should be a key element of every organisation’s business continuity strategy. A multi-tenant cloud financial management system (FMS) gives finance teams the confidence that their financial data and processes are deployed on a secure, reliable platform across all office sites and when working remotely. In addition, SaaS technology provides the agility and flexibility to respond quickly to market and organisational changes.

The industry’s leading financial management system Infor SunSystems, is now available as Infor SunSystems Cloud, taking advantage of the latest innovative SaaS technology. The Infor SunSystems Cloud is built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS) – giving organisations the added confidence that their financial management system is supported by resilient, world-class, advanced cloud technology.

Infor SunSystems Gold Channel Partner Progressive TSL, explain the key business benefits of moving from on-premises to the new multi-tenant SunSystems cloud.

Continuous innovation
Benefit from the latest updates to the system as they happen, without costly IT intervention. These updates can be completed with zero or near-zero downtime – features can be previewed, tested and toggled on and off to provide maximum control.

Increased security
The Infor SunSystems Cloud incorporates a range of best-in-class security and compliance features to keep your data and systems safe in the cloud. Enhanced password monitoring and management provide greater access control. It also offers immediate security updates to SunSystems to address any vulnerabilities and safeguard information against attack.

Lower cost of ownership
On-premises systems are costly to implement and to keep up-to-date; cloud implementation costs are lower overall, and the updates are automatic. The initial capital expenditure and ongoing cost of IT infrastructure maintenance is removed. There is also a significant reduction in IT operational costs as a SaaS model means Infor handles system monitoring and optimisation as the service provider. SunSystems maintenance fees are removed as SaaS is offered as a subscription-only service.

Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint
Adopting a SaaS approach reduces your carbon footprint overall as there are no additional power requirements for a rack of physical servers.

Faster time to value
Advanced features such as automated provisioning, replication and resilient infrastructure mean failures are automatically dealt with, downtime is minimised, and applications can be up and running fast, maximising productivity. Production, test and training environments are provided to try out new features and updates before rolling out across the organisation.

On-premises systems often need to be reconfigured during times of change or growth. Your cloud system can be automatically scaled up or down based on your workload.

Modern Innovative Architecture
Multi-tenant cloud enables simple integration to other Infor Cloud applications extending the SunSystems solution to include mobile technology, data-driven analytics, machine learning and AI.

Progressive TSL – your SunSystems Cloud Partner

Progressive are recognised by Infor as leading the way in digital cloud transformation. They have already supported many of their existing clients on their transition to the Infor SunSystems Cloud and are available now to plan your pathway to the cloud.

Whether you are new to SunSystems or an existing user, Progressive TSL will apply their best-practice implementation framework as part of their standard service to ensure Infor’s leading Financial Management system is fully optimised. Progressive enables your organisation to get the full potential from this functionally rich system.

A Progressive SunSystems solution will not just address your existing business needs and processes but give you the confidence that the system is future-proofed, underpinning your roadmap to growth. Contact us to learn more.