Professional Advantage’s Banklinks for Business links SunSystems payables module to and from your bank for electronic funds transfers (EFT) or internet banking.

Instantly, it improves the security and auditability of your bank payments.

Benefits include:

  • Minimising any exposure to loss in your bank payment processes
  • Applying approval control at a systems and/or business unit level
  • Implementing the appropriate segregation of duties for fraud prevention
  • Full encryption of key data within the database
  • Encryption to the bank file where supported by your banks systems
  • Audit control to track all changes to key system data and provide parameter driven audit reports
  • System audit includes password control and protocols

Saves you Time & Money

  • Embedded in SunSystems menus, B4B process options are swiftly accessed
  • Save time and eliminate errors by not having to rekey data into your banking system
  • Real time integration with SunSystems drives efficiencies
  • Automating manual tasks cuts incidents of costly mistakes

Download B4B product page pdf

Bank Reconciliations

While your payments are being taken care of by the BankLinks solution, your statements can be maintained by PA’s Bank Reconciliation add on for Infor SunSystems. It’s a one-step statement import that allows businesses to automate their reconciliation and query non-reconciled items either on-demand or scheduled – without the need to convert to a journal or reference file – even with statements across multiple accounts. It provides a statement audit trail report on all your unmatched items to complete compliance requirements and limits unwanted duplications of statements.

Together these two tools can provide increased control over your bank processes from statements through to payments.   

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