Updated: December 19, 2023

Infor SunSystems is a powerful Finance Management System (FMS) that’s easy to use, scalable and connects seamlessly with asset management and supply chain solutions.

Are you currently using SunSystems for your business?

Excellent. We recommend SunSystems as the best-of-breed finance system for asset-intensive industries including energy, mining & extraction and service engineering – it’s a reliable and robust system that’s rich in functionality. SunSystems addresses the challenges and business processes of these sectors, whether you’re starting out, or are well established; it’s scalable to support any size of business. Progressive TSL are currently supporting over fifty companies using SunSystems worldwide.

Does your SunSystems solution need a health check?

Progressive TSL are aware that some companies may not be getting the most out of SunSystems. Take a look below to identify whether your system may need revitalising:

SunSystems critical checklist

  1. Is your cutback process automated?
  2. Are you able to generate joint interest billings?
  3. Are you able to report all costs pertaining to a licence?
  4. Are you able to generate your cost allocations automatically?
  5. Are payment runs being generated through the system?
  6. Are you running revaluation through the system?
  7. Are invoices and payments being matched off?
  8. Does your system support multi-currency?

How Did You Score?

If you are confident that your current SunSystems implementation can perform all these processes – that’s great. But if you answered no to some of these questions; it might be time to find out how your finance system can be re-optimised.

Book an Independent SunSystems Review

Progressive TSL offers an independent system’s review service. Using Progressive’s tried and tested framework, we will run a workshop with your team to review your current system and processes, comparing to best practice. Following the workshop, you will be issued with a report, with recommendations for improvements.

Progressive TSL can re-energise your SunSystems solution.

As a company, Progressive TSL are committed to ensuring that our clients get the full potential out of their SunSystems solution. Following the review, many of our clients will then ask us to use our specialist knowledge of SunSystems, coupled with our deep understanding of their sector to manage the roll-out of these recommended improvements. A member of the Progressive Finance team will work alongside your internal team to support you in the adoption of the changes. Within weeks, your Sunsystems solution can be reinvigorated – streamlining your financial processes and efficiently supporting all your business needs.

About Progressive TSL

Progressive TSL are Infor Gold Channel Partners. We implement financial, supply chain and asset management solutions to asset-intensive industries. From our offices in London, Aberdeen and Lagos, we support our clients across the globe.

We are also specialists in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions (Progressive TSL are accredited partners for both Infor EAM and IBM Maximo) which we can fully integrate with Infor SunSystems to offer full control and a bigger picture across your business.

Contact us to book your SunSystems Health Check.