Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems

We provide premium financial management solution designed to centralise and streamline all your financial processes. The system is highly scalable with companies ranging from a single user to companies with over 200 active users, bringing accessibility, adaptability, and potential to maximise efficiencies.

SunSystems has a long history of being the favoured solution within the energy industry. Internationally there are over 600 companies within the sector using this system. Having implemented it in more than 50 E&P companies, SunSystems is central to the finance component of Progressive’s delivery. 

Key Features include:

  • Consolidated chart of accounts
  • One real-time global view of accounting data
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency at transactional and reporting level
  • Joint Venture accounting
  • Simplified custom reporting functionality
  • Integrates local and corporate reporting
  • Consolidated and automated accounting
  • Tracks cost allocation, expense, revenue and cost recovery

Why do I need SunSystems?

Having a centralised accounting system that minimises manual intervention provides the opportunity for real process efficiencies, enabling finance staff to spend more time on strategic analysis. The production of real-time, robust information provides the opportunity to demonstrate good management, and ultimately boost investor confidence in your organisation.

Progressive SunSystems

As the only Infor Channel Partner dedicated to oil & gas, we fully understand the needs of oil & gas finance. We speak your language.

We have a number of builds and templates developed specifically for the needs of oil & gas, which can increase the speed and reduce the cost of your implementation.

We also have experience of implementing a number of companion products, including Query & Analysis (Q&A) for reporting, Banklinks for Business (B4B), ProInvoice and ProOrder, e-Invoicing and ION workflow.

We can integrate SunSystems with other Infor products including Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and Infor XM Time Management solutions.

Financial Management for Oil & Gas

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