Maximo provides the capabilities for effective management of physical infrastructure assets to make better decisions around all aspects of asset management. It enables asset-intensive industries to gain insights that deliver ongoing value for their organisation. 

Monitor, manage and maintain your assets in a single platform 

IBM Maximo provides asset-intensive industries with systems to help improve safety, productivity and efficiency across all their critical assets. The IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) offers a flexible, modular solution enabling you to focus on the key elements of asset management most important to you:

Maximo Monitor: advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring at scale.
Collect data from your assets
and converge into a single data lake to detect anomalies. 

Maximo Visual Inspection: Perform a visual inspection of an asset using Maximo’s iOS devices to get notified of any issues – overlayed with quality and maintenance workflows for a rapid response.  

Maximo Health: Use IoT data from asset sensors, asset records and work history to determine an asset’s health.  

Maximo Predict: Apply machine learning and data analytics for insights that reduce cost and asset failure.  

Maximo Manage: Reduce downtime and costs while achieving better planning and control by optimising asset management and maintenance processes to improve operational performance.

Maximo Mobile: Boost productivity with a single platform that field technicians can access for history and operational data at their fingertips. 

Introduction to Maximo from our partners at IBM

Why do I need IBM Maximo?

The IBM Maximo solution will reduce unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency. The system enables near real-time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites through accurate, timely data collection. 

Using IBM Maximo as part of an ISO 55000 Asset management strategy can extend the life of your equipment, improving returns on your assets in the short and longer-term. 

IBM Maximo brings these significant benefits to asset-intensive businesses:

  • Increase production uptime with more accurate alerts and anomaly detection 
  • Analyse data with AI to go from reactive to predictive maintenance 
  • Empower field technicians with the right asset data and increase first-time fix rates 
  • Use just the applications you need with simplified licensing and usage 
  • Enjoy flexible deployment models, whether on-premises or multi-cloud 
  • A suite of asset management applications in pursuit of ‘Zero D’ – zero defects and zero downtime. 

Download IBM Maximo Application Suite PDF

Maximo and Progressive

Progressive TSL are IBM Silver Business Partners – this recognises their industry experience and specialist Maximo expertise. Wherever you are on your IBM Maximo journey, Progressive are there to support you – helping you to streamline your asset management processes, improve efficiency and gain information transparency for better operational decision-making

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