Keeping up with financial approvals when working remotely

CEOs, CFOs and other members of the financial approvals and accountancy teams are often out in the field – visiting assets, making deals, managing teams – getting on with growing the business.

As a part of this world, you will know how frustrating it is when you are at a wind or solar farm, oil platform or mine site and an email comes through requesting your approval for some funds or payment.

Often this is not something you can address on the go, and so a backlog of payment approvals builds up during your time away from the office…that will need urgent attention on your return.

Using our technical expertise to address the mobile financial approvals problem

Progressive TSL found that many of our clients were experiencing this challenge, and we know that it has often been a barrier to getting things moving. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to apply technology to meet the changing demands of asset-intensive industries. To this aim, we explored what best-of-breed technology was already out there and how we could enhance it to deliver a mobile product that would add value to our clients.

Infor OS, Infor’s cloud enterprise operating system has a collaboration app tool that pushes alerts to mobiles – we developed an app for our Infor clients that utilised the functionality of this collaborative tool, but that alerts clients to new payments needing quick approval. This makes it very simple to rubber-stamp them, taking the pain out of a backlog once you get back to the office.

Results from our innovative oil and gas accounting mobile management solution

Our clients have found this kind of technology invaluable – it has saved them time, money and increased productivity by not having to save all approvals – and stall payments – until they are in office.

One such client is a supplier to the energy industry, Sparrows Group who found that our dedicated mobile solutions saved them money and provided greater accessibility:

“Progressive has helped Sparrows Group to deliver a number of tangible cost savings…the mobile solution provides approval access wherever people are working from. We look forward to the next phase of our global rollout with Progressive.”
Brian Docherty, Head of IT & Facilities, The Sparrows Group

Progressive TSL is dedicated to finding these quick-win solutions for our clients to make their lives easier. Through our pragmatic approach to problems like this; we deliver solutions that are tailor-made for asset-intensive companies. We strive to continuously improve your systems so that they meet the changing needs of your business.

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