Posted: November 27, 2019

On 7th November Progressive TSL were lead sponsors at Infor EAM’s Summit held in Manchester, UK.

It was a great day, packed with insights and interesting people. The theme of the event was to discuss the future of Enterprise Asset Management – with fascinating talks from Infor staff and technology partners. Here are our key takeaways from the day.

  1. Oil and Gas predictive analytics

    Edgar De Groot of Birst did a great demonstration of predictive pump maintenance in the oil and gas industry using IoT with sensor data. This is a good example of how IoT can be applied to an industry where the introduction of optimised maintenance strategies for critical assets can make such a significant difference to the bottom line.

  2. Mixed reality technology

    Frank Hasler from Holo-one did a very cool demonstration of Sphere; a mixed reality technology – that offers virtual space to analyse a real thing. Their demonstration guided us through a user workflow to maintain a piece of machinery. For this demonstration, they used their holo-lens – a VR headset integrated with Infor data. This technology offers great potential, for example, enabling engineers working on remote energy platforms to safely, identify and fix faults with guidance from experts back at base.

  3. AI’s and maximising human potential

    Infor explained how Coleman – the AI component of Infor’s solutions, when paired with EAM  can be used for predictive maintenance, workflow scheduling, creating work orders and ordering of new parts. We also saw how Coleman could be connected to SunSystems to generate purchase orders. This particular application of Coleman could be hugely beneficial for an energy business as it quickly addresses a problem, schedules an engineer and orders a part all without the need for human interaction.

  4. Progressive TSL and implementing EAM

    Progressive TSL’s CEO, Chris Walcot, also presented at the event. His talk concerned how to implement Infor EAM in a way that works for your business and supports your road map. He demonstrated that through their experience working in specific industries, for example, oil and gas, Progressive TSL has developed dynamic implementation frameworks tailored precisely to those industry’s needs. This framework also enables Progressive TSL to implement scalable systems and processes that start small and grow with your business, so you can be confident you are future-proofed. He discussed Progressive TSL’s implementation of Infor EAM for a rapidly growing African energy client, Seplat Petroleum. Progressive TSL’s energy framework underpinned a successful implementation that addresses Seplat Petroleum’s current needs and future requirements. See our Seplat Case Study for more information.

Progressive TSL can help develop a solution that fits with your business goals and implements Infor EAM in a way that will support your growth. Read more about our EAM implementations here, or contact us for more information.