Updated: May 18, 2021

Progressive TSL’s experience as an exhibitor at the WindPower Data and Digital Innovation Forum

Over the last year, I have been dipping my toe into the world of virtual events.  Like many of you, I miss meeting face to face with connections old and new at physical events but have learnt to adapt to the new virtual world.

Last week brought my first experience of staffing a virtual booth at LeadVent’s WindPower Data and Digital Innovation Forum using FLOOR as the virtual event platform – and I am pleased to report it proved a great success.

The virtual booth experience

Like a physical booth, we had a virtual brochure stand where visitors could view and download relevant content.  As one of my visitors commented, it was much better to have a pdf that we can save to our PC/mobile device and share with colleagues than a pile of brochures gathering dust in a corner.

I invited visitors to my booth to meet for a live video call in a virtual board room. If I was talking to another delegate, a video of Progressive’s Solutions for Renewable Asset Management played in the waiting room.  It meant that I could safely meet delegates from across Europe without any of us having to leave our homes.  All-in-all, this proved a very efficient way of doing business.

The virtual WindPower Data & Digital Innovation event – my takeaways

Of course, much of the event’s success was down to the fact that it had attracted an excellent mix of professionals from across the wind power sector.  They were all very passionate about the power that innovative digital technologies and data analytics can bring to improving the performance and longevity of their assets.

The event covered a vast breadth of exciting topics, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Techniques for Wind Turbine Monitoring
  • Digital Twins
  • Predictive Maintenance Using Data Analytic Tools to Reduce Component Failures
  • Wind O&M in the Era of Digitalization
  • Advanced Wind Turbine Condition and Performance Analytics

The virtual format meant that there was no need for long breaks between the live presentations and panel discussion – we could enjoy a packed schedule delivered by experts in their field – with most delegates staying on the platform for the event’s duration.

Lively conversation at the Progressive Booth

Over at the Progressive Booth, we talked about how Progressive implement best of breed EAM systems IBM Maximo and Infor EAM, coupled with cutting edge technology such as data lakes, AI, and mobile technologies to monitor, analyse and report on health of the assets. Progressive’s EAM solutions enable our energy clients to intelligently manage the maintenance, parts and equipment inventory, procurement, long-term budgeting, and asset policy planning.   For more information, watch our short video – which played as the welcome video in our booth during the conference.

Watch the Video – Progressive’s Solutions for Renewable Asset Management

Contact Progressive TSL

I would love to hear your personal experiences, either as a delegate or exhibitor on the virtual conference circuit.

I would also welcome the opportunity to understand your current asset management needs and challenges and explore how Progressive TSL’s solutions can address these both now and, in the future, maximising the performance and longevity of your energy assets.

Our meeting will have to be virtually on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom for now – please email me at marketing@progressive-tsl.com, and we can get a date in the diary.

Author – Alison Richards, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Progressive TSL