Posted: December 9, 2020

Supporting your operational and financial processes when working remotely

Now more than ever, working remotely is critical to the operations of many businesses. Whether travelling, on-site at a wind farm, mine, oil well or electricity substation, or working from home, it is essential that communication is maintained to ensure the smooth running of your operations. 

“COVID-19 is forcing companies to accelerate their transformation to be all-digital globally. Everyone should have access to the same information to do their jobs… These new ways of working more efficiently not only will change the nature of the workplace but will make companies more effective.”

Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School in Fortune Magazine.

Here we describe how Progressive TSL use Infor OS to extend the power of Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System out into the field. 

Mobile solutions for technicians in the field. 

Incorporating remote working technology into your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution means information from the EAM can be sent out to the operative’s mobile devices and in turn, they can send key information back to the EAM, keeping central systems up to date with progress out in the field. Processes supported include: 

  • Access to assigned work orders directly from the mobile device – including Bill of Materials (BOM), equipment, tools and SLAs 
  • Access to work permits, safety instructions and asset’s maintenance history
  • Scan RFID tags
  • Collect electronic signatures
  • Provide feedback via checklists and update work status
  • Report on stock levels of equipment and spare parts
  • Download instructions as videos, images or text
  • Track location of technicians using GPS coordinates


HxGN EAM at Jersey Electricity plc.

Progressive TSL has recently announced that they are commencing a roll-out of cloud-based HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) across Jersey Electricity plc’s generation and distribution teams. Jersey Electricity (JE) is a long-standing user of HxGN EAM to manage JE’s power generation assets. JE recognised the value of moving its existing Infor solution to the cloud, introducing mobile applications, and extending HxGN EAM into other areas of its business.


“Infor EAM is ideally suited to asset-intensive companies operating in the electricity industry, and we are helping transform many such operations all over the world. In particular, their mobile capabilities really excel in this sector. Shifting data to tablet devices has allowed field technicians to more conveniently access essential asset information. The ability to complete maintenance records, inventory transactions, and pertinent attachments at the worksite, rather than upon returning to base, saves valuable time every day for engineers — and time is money. This project with Jersey Electricity is another great example of the transformative work Progressive TSL is doing with asset-intensive companies across all sectors” 

Andrew Newman, UK Channel Director, Infor

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Manage approvals wherever you are 

Infor OS facilitates the implementation of approval workflows both for financial and operational processes in line with a company’s Delegation of Authority (DOA).  Deployment of the Infor OS with mobile devices enables:   

  • Financial approvals on the go – senior managers can continue to approve payments meaning accounting processes are not stalled when key executives leave the office.
  • Permit to work – supervisors can approve operational activities such as maintenance and inspection permit-to-work workflows. 

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