Updated: March 18, 2021

This week saw the launch of Progressive TSL’s new look website encapsulating our latest branding.    

This new design showcases Progressive’s unique proposition – market-leading solutions with asset-intensive industry focus across energy, mining and engineering services and our global coverage.  

Progressive TSL’s new website – a few highlights  

  • An interactive map pinpointing both our client sites and Progressive’s own offices across the world 
  • Quicker content browsing through the blog homepage, subject tags, and better signposting throughout the site  
  • Easy access to key information about our solutions and services

 Alison Richards, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Progressive TSL commented: 

“We are delighted with our new website.  It has a fresh new look and feel and effectively showcases the unique solution our team at Progressive offer to our clients across the globe.  Progressive TSL address complex industry needs across finance, asset management and supply chain.  We hope the new website demonstrates how we can Make the Complex Simple.  We’ve worked closely with our new web agency Toast Design and are extremely grateful to them for creating a beautiful, flexible new design which will grow with us for years to come.” 

Alison Richards, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Progressive TSL

Take a look around!