Cloud-based solutions, coupled with remote working technology has enabled projects to continue during lockdown. Here our clients discuss the ways in which we have adapted our implementation procedures to keep up momentum.

The Progressive TSL team enjoy working side by side with our clients across the globe to provide hands-on support during the initial implementation of our solutions, roll out, training and on-going support. Prior to lockdown, this would mean travelling to, often remote, sites in countries like Burkina Faso, Chad and South Africa, as well as client HQ’s in London, Lagos and Aberdeen.

Though our team all relish the opportunity to travel, unfortunately, restrictions necessitated by the current pandemic have meant that both Progressive TSL and our client’s teams are now often working from home and cannot leave their countries. This means that we have not been able to meet with our client teams in person.

We are pleased to report that the current situation has not slowed down our progression on client projects. Progressive’s flexible implementation approach meant that we could adapt quickly to a new way of working with meetings, workshops and milestones scheduled into an online environment. The team are taking advantage of cloud technology and Microsoft Teams to ensure that our clients continue to be fully supported and that we deliver solutions that meet their needs and processes. We appreciate that the new working environment has brought new priorities and pressures on our client’s time. Online workshops have been scheduled to fit around our client’s working day.

Below we provide a snapshot of a selection of Progressive TSL’s implementations during lockdown and feedback on our client’s experiences working with Progressive TSL:

New Age (New African Global Energy) Limited

Darren Huggett, Group Finance Systems Accountant at New Age, is leading the current Infor EAM and SunSystems upgrade at New Age. Ahead of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), members of the Progressive EAM and Finance Team have joined Darren in training the New Age Team in London, Cameroon and Congo.

“I am really proud of what we have achieved whilst training and performing UAT. Microsoft Teams is a great medium for running training sessions. Jon and Pam at Progressive TSL are very committed to moving the project forward, and together we are making great inroads. They are patient and understanding of the challenges my African colleagues face from time-to-time with internet connectivity and are clearly very experienced in understanding their needs and what they want to achieve with the Infor system. The User Guides, Cheat Sheets, and video recordings of our training sessions on Teams are all proving awesome resources to refresh the team’s understanding following a training session. The New Age Team really appreciate the fact that Progressive are always available for questions and the channels remain open if they have any queries.”

Darren Hugget, Group Finance Systems Accountant, New Age

We look forward to posting further updates on the go-live at New Age, and any lessons learnt.

Jersey Oil and Gas (JOG) Plc

JOG has recently embarked on a new partnership with Progressive TSL to implement SunSystems, Infor EAM and Infor OS. With the significant and rapid expansion of JOG’s business following the award of the Greater Buchan Area assets, including operatorship, a more comprehensive and robust accounting system was required. This new implementation project has commenced during lockdown. Vicary Gibbs, CFO of Jersey Oil & Gas has been very positive about how the project has progressed under these unexpected circumstances.

“Progressive TSL have turned around the implementation of the finance and procurement system for Jersey Oil and Gas in an entirely remote access way, given the Covid-19 restrictions, in the promised timeframe.”

Vicary Gibbs, CFO, Jersey Oil & Gas

For further information about Progressive’s implementation at Jersey Oil and Gas, please read our press release.

NEO Energy

Following NEO Energy’s recent takeover as Operator of the Babbage field and in preparation for the acquisition of a number of Total’s UK North Sea assets, Progressive TSL have commenced a SunSystems data migration exercise alongside the implementation of an Infor EAM with Infor OS solution. To kick off this new engagement, our Head of EAM, Laurent Graziano has been running discovery workshops over Microsoft Teams using our standard Oil and Gas templates with NEO’s Supply Chain Manager, Martin Monger. Martin had no previous experience of Infor EAM and has found the workshops very useful:

“The content flowed really well. I can’t think of anything that we asked for that wasn’t possible in EAM. Not only did Laurent share his screen but also managed to share his phone to show the Ming.le module in action – Ming.le (part of the Infor OS suite) was a big selling point for us. We really appreciate that you don’t have to log into the EAM system to make changes as it can be done directly from your mobile.”

Martin Monger, Supply Chain Manager, NEO Energy

About Progressive TSL

Progressive TSL is a business consultancy and solutions provider dedicated to providing best-of-breed finance, supply chain and asset management systems for asset-intensive industries across the globe. They are Infor Accredited Gold Channel Partners (SunSystems, Infor EAM and Infor OS) and IBM (Maximo) Silver Business Partners.
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