Unlocking a new era of precision and proactive maintenance, HxGN EAM 12.1 introduces groundbreaking features that transform your asset management.

Join our Head of EAM, Saswat Sahu, as he shares some of the transformative highlights of HxGN EAM 12.1 for Progressive’s clients across asset-intensive industries.

New features – HxGN EAM 12.1

HxGN's EAM 12.1 new features

Progressive TSL’s highlights

Say goodbye to guesswork, and hello to dynamic checklists: Imagine technicians armed with checklists that adapt on the fly, based on the data inputs. No more sifting through irrelevant steps –HxGN EAM 12.1 guides your team with laser precision, ensuring the right task gets done at the right time.

Sound the alert “Houston, we have a problem!” before things escalate: Think of it like this, the new EAM Sensors screen enables you to track IoT devices allowing you to track your machine’s vitals – temperature, vibration, you name it. Forget reactive maintenance, embrace the proactive life! By monitoring sensor data, you can anticipate equipment failures and schedule preventive maintenance before things go south. Say goodbye to unplanned downtime and hello to peak operational efficiency. It is important to understand that the new Sensors screen is not just about the data, it’s about actionable insights.

Document Powerhouse:

  • Preview Power: No more downloading every document just to see if it is the right one. HxGN EAM 12.1’s handy previews let you peek inside and can be refreshed based on the currently selected record. Think of it as a digital window into your documents before you open them.
  • Thumbnail Takeover: No more squinting at endless lists of files with cryptic names. Imagine scanning a sea of thumbnails and instantly spotting the schematic manual, maintenance manual, or inspection report. It’s like having a mini gallery of your asset information at your fingertips.
  • Lock it down! Sensitive Documents? No worries! HxGN EAM 12.1 locks down those critical files with enhanced security features, keeping prying eyes at bay and ensuring only authorised personnel can access them via selected user groups having the option to break a document lock.
  • History whispers secrets: Need to dig up the past? HxGN EAM 12.1’s enhanced history retention lets you rewind the clock and see how documents evolved. Compliance audits are going to be easy and a handy tool for the Q&A team. Just scroll back and see the entire document journey.

Progressive TSL and HxGN EAM

Progressive TSL, are looking forward to bringing you the latest innovations to HxGN EAM 12.1, showcasing our commitment to advancing asset management solutions in collaboration with Hexagon. Please get in touch to learn how you can unlock the power of HxGN EAM 12.1.

Download Hexagon’s HxGN 12.1 datasheet here