Posted: November 10, 2023

On the 19th October 2023, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) enthusiasts gathered at Thorpe Park for the highly anticipated HxGN EAM Connect+ event. This unique opportunity promised attendees a chance to network with peers, pose questions to the HxGN EAM expert team, engage with EAM partners, and interact with customers and businesses committed to achieving business value through the use of Hexagon’s flagship EAM platform. Hosted by HxGN EAM user, Merlin Entertainment, the event showcased an inspiring combination of strategy, innovation sessions, expert customer and partner panel discussions, and the chance to witness HxGN EAM in action.

Agenda Highlights

The event’s agenda was packed with informative sessions, starting with a warm welcome and a keynote presentation. Attendees had the opportunity to dive into the world of EAM through sessions like “Value Realization: Building Achievable EAM Business Cases,” which explored the practical aspects of EAM and making it work for businesses. HxGN EAM Strategy and Roadmap offered a sneak peek into the upcoming EAM version 12.1 and the incorporation of Python and Hexagon Smart Cloud.

Chris Walcot presenting

Chris Walcot, Progressive TSL, presenting the Progressive Industry Framework.


A notable presentation came from Chris Walcot, CEO of Progressive TSL, titled “The SaaS First Partner: Powering a Bright Future for Your Assets.” The presentation delved into critical themes such as the transition to Software as a Service (SaaS), the innovative ERP solution, and the diverse array of industries Progressive cater to, ranging from transportation to a carbon capture and hydrogen production project to support the energy transition.

Alison Richards being Interviewed

Alison Richards, Head of Business Development at Progressive TSL being interviewed for the event video.

Insights from the Panel Discussion

Laurent Graziano, Director of EAM at Progressive TSL, joined a panel of EAM experts to share valuable insights on a range of pressing questions from the moderator and audience:

How do you work to define which capabilities should be deployed in each phase?

After the initial asset management phase, clients undergo a workshop to plan their Asset Performance Management (APM) journey. This process involves evaluating challenges, financial constraints, regulations, and more. Collaboration with clients is crucial to identifying the right solution features and performing ROI analysis, enabling informed decisions for both immediate and long-term asset management success.

What are the key challenges customers have in keeping their projects on track?

Laurent pointed out that common challenges during EAM implementations include scope creep, complex integrations, change management, resource constraints, data quality concerns, lack of senior executive support, and project management difficulties. To address these challenges, clients should employ a well-defined project plan, clear communication, training, and change management strategies, ensuring project success.

How do you see EAM projects evolving over the next few years?

In response, Laurent reflected that EAM projects in the energy sector are evolving with a strong focus on innovative technologies including, data analytics, IoT and sensors, digital twins, cloud solutions, AI and automation, enhanced cybersecurity measures, integration, and improved collaboration. These innovations will often be introduced alongside an increased emphasis on developing more sustainable assets.

How do you see AI and Machine Learning driving better automation of EAM activities and processes?

Laurent emphasized that AI and ML are transforming EAM for example by predicting maintenance needs, monitoring asset health, enhancing energy efficiency, assessing, and mitigating risks – enabling data-driven decisions to continuously improve performance. This automation ultimately enhances reliability, efficiency, and sustainability in asset management.

Team photo outside their booth

Team photo in front of our stand at HxGN EAM Connect+. Left to Right: Alison Richards, Laurent Graziano, Olivia Bennett and Chris Walcot.


The HxGN EAM Connect+ event at Thorpe Park was a gathering of minds dedicated to shaping the future of EAM. With insights from experts like Laurent and sessions that covered the latest trends and challenges in EAM, attendees left with a clearer understanding of what lies ahead.

For more information and to explore the possibilities of EAM for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Progressive TSL, the SaaS First Partner, and secure a brighter future for your assets.