On 29th September 2022, Progressive held its first in-person Lagos event. The event was a huge success bringing together a range of organisations from across the Nigerian energy industry.

Usher standing with Progressive banner

Tosin Adeaga from the conference team greeting attendees

The industry is on the cusp of a digital transformation. There was a palpable buzz around the room as speakers from Progressive TSL, Infor, Hexagon and Prism shared with delegates the impact innovative technology solutions can make.

This was illustrated well with a real-life example from Progressive’s client – a leading indigenous Nigerian energy company whose finance, supply chain and asset management technology solution has underpinned their roadmap to growth.

A key takeaway from the day was the power global technology platforms Infor SunSystems and HxGN EAM can bring when overlayed with Progressive TSL’s best practice implementation and integration framework, developed specifically for the Nigerian energy sector.

Seplat Energy’s Michael Bosomo, summed up his experience of Progressive’s finance, supply chain and asset management implementation by commenting:

“I used to think we didn’t need a Rolls-Royce system if a Honda was getting the job done, but with the modular scalability of Infor SunSystems and HxGN EAM, I’m inclined to believe Progressive TSL provides the Rolls-Royce!”

Michael Bosomo, Finance and Systems Analyst at Seplat Energy

What happened during the event?

We kicked off with a presentation from Chris Walcot, Progressive’s CEO, about Progressive’s African energy experience and expertise. Prism SML’s Edward Skene (former CFO of Seplat Energy) continued
, continued this theme by sharing his story of this leading Nigerian energy company’s digital transformation journey and how their technology
solutions scaled and evolved over many years to address the changing needs of their growing business.

Chris Walcot presenting at Lagos event

Chris Walcot introduces the 5 pillars of digital transformation

Next up was Infor’s Andrew Newman (Global Head of Sales – Infor SunSystems) introducing the strategic alliance between Infor, Progressive and SunSystems.

Infor’s Andrew Newman explaining Progressive and Infor SunSystems special relationship


This was followed by Dr Mark Osa Igiehon, on behalf of Progressive’s sister company Prism SML. He shared his experience of building stronger companies and organisations by implementing the right procedures, standards and systems.

Dr Mark Osa Igiehon talking to the audience


The talks concluded with Hexagon’s Isabelle Isherwood (Channel Account Manager) presentation about the strong Hexagon – Progressive partner relationship with HxGN EAM Asset Performance Management at the heart. The audience was excited to learn about Hexagon’s suite of innovative technology solutions including data capture and leverage from drones, robots and other sensors to data intelligence and digital twins.

Hexagon’s Isabelle Isherwood – highlighting Progressive’s HxGN EAM partnership


Progressive’s Chris Walcot then hosted a brief Q&A session – key topics included KPIs, dashboards and supplier engagement— supporting answers with some short software demonstrations.

The day ended with a special Digital Transformation award presented to the deserving winner Seplat Energy!

Progressive presenting the team from Seplat Energy with their Digital Transformation award.


Throughout the day there was plenty of opportunity for delegates, speakers and Progressive clients to share their own experiences and aspirations for digital transformation. We have had some fantastic feedback already with many delegates looking forward to putting what they had learnt into action.

Watch the highlights video from the day to see what our speakers and delegates said about digital transformation in the Nigerian Energy Sector:

Following the success of this first event, Progressive and their partners are considering making this an annual event– so look out for your invitation to Digital Transformation 2023!

In the meantime – please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about how Progressive can help your organisation on its digital transformation journey.