Employees are typically now working flexibly between offices, remote sites, home or travelling. Hybrid working arrangements can add additional challenges to time and expenses tracking.

With many employees/businesses considering a partial working from home scheme, post-COVID, another layer of remote working has been introduced into company practices. These variables are reshaping business processes to better fit remote, site-work and hybrid working expectations.

In a recent BBC poll of UK businesses:
“A total of 79% of senior business leaders polled predicted that workers would never return to offices at the same rate as before the pandemic”.
BBC News, 16th September – Most workers do not expect full-time office return

Managing your team’s time when everyone is in separate places can be difficult. With employees now at home and others in the office or out at site – time and expense management has become paramount for team leaders and project/line managers working in asset-intensive industries like energy, mining, and engineering.

Manually tracking and reporting on project team members’ hours across projects and then allocating/recharging costs and paying expenses can be very time-consuming for project managers, finance, and HR. Progressive TSL’s Time and Expenses application enable these processes to be automated and streamlined.

Key benefits of Progressive’s Time and Expenses solution

  • Quick to implement, simple to use – no fuss.
  • Employees and consultants can record time and expenses from home, office, site or while in transit via a desktop or mobile app.
  • Centrally managed cloud solution enabling supervisors and managers within a project stream to access key data anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple project/task codes can be set up and matched to those within your accounting systems.
  • Employees can allocate their time against specific projects or tasks
  • Project and line managers can see at a glance what their employees have dedicated their weekly time to, what expenses have been incurred and approve/reject them.
  • Expenses can be added quickly and easily, even while on the go –record the cost in the system, upload a picture of the receipt, and you’re done.

View from a user

“It makes tracking my time and expenses so much easier. I can record my hours in real-time – from home, while travelling or at the office, without the need to keep lots of spreadsheets for the different projects I’m working on. The solution also has all my project and task codes so that everything can be allocated to the right project. When I’m on a work trip, I don’t need to keep all those unnecessary work receipts; I just use the app on my phone to add a photo of the receipt and enter the amount into the system – easy”.

View from a Finance Director

“All of my team use the solution, and that means that I can see what time has been spent and on which project. As the solution is fully integrated with our SunSystems software, we can use the accounting project codes centrally kept in SunSystems to ensure a streamlined approach. Because there’s one single entry point of data – it saves my department hours of collecting and keying in data from all members of the team and allocating it to the correct projects.”

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about integrating Time and Expenses with your existing finance system.

About Progressive TSL

Progressive TSL is an Infor Gold Channel Partner (Infor SunSystems, Infor EAM and Infor OS) and an IBM Gold Business Partner (Maximo). Progressive implements best-in-class finance, asset management and supply chain systems to asset-intensive industries, including energy, mining and engineering services.