No connection, no consistency

When connectivity goes down – or is spotty in remote areas (for example, offshore West African territories) data from that site can’t be recorded or updated anywhere. This can be detrimental for multi-located oil and gas companies as there is no way to input and access data and information for that site – maintaining one true data set across the whole company.

Oil and gas commentators have identified a need for common technologies so that they can keep business going in remote areas:

(oil and gas) Organisations are looking for common technologies that can help them balance requirements for uptime, security, and safety with the need to take advantage of digital innovation.
Ed Harrington, director, The Open Group Open Process Automation Forum in

Progressive’s solution- Nowhere is too remote

Progressive TSL saw that connectivity across assets was a huge concern for their multi-located oil and gas clients – these clients were not in a position to commit to time-intensive and expensive upgrades to their connections in these areas.  They needed another solution.

We developed a solution, ProSync that enables companies to operate, access and input data while offline, using local systems

When they reconnect, this data is synchronised across all offices, including HQ – so that no data is omitted – and our clients can get the operational ‘big picture’, even if one or more of their sites are temporarily offline.

What ProSync means for our clients

  • Collaborative working both within sites and across sites, both on and off-line
  • No dependence on expensive high-grade communication infrastructures.
  • Everybody has access to the most up to date information and the same information -preserving a sole source of the truth.
  • There are no interruptions to work, even when connectivity is down.
  • Information and data are stored locally and then synchronised when connections are restored.
  • Better security, as system access, can be controlled and updated centrally.
  • Data monitoring and audit trails are maintained.
  • Less time spent chasing information for company-wide reporting and data analysis.

ProSync offers our clients the chance to keep working and perpetuate consistent data streams, wherever their sites are in the world.

If you would like to discuss implementing the ProSync solution for your oil and gas business, contact us