Posted: July 9, 2019

During a warm Friday in June, Progressive TSL held its Summer Team meeting at the h club in London, UK. Team members came from our Aberdeen and Lagos offices as well as our London HQ.

The event kicked off with a fun ‘two truths, one lie’ ice-breaker where we learned lots of interesting information about our colleagues including – who jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet, who met a member of the Jackson 5 at a curry house and whose wife is related to Prince Charles (you’ll have to guess if one or more of these are lies!)

Our CEO, Chris Walcot then talked about how much we’ve grown as a business in the last six months with new staff starts and that we’ve taken on lots of different client projects all over the world.

These include:

We then shared our ideas for new marketing strategies and finished off by getting a sneak preview of the new London office. Our interior design company bought in VR headsets so that we could explore a simulation of new office space – it looked great!

After a great meeting, we toasted the ongoing success and growth of Progressive TSL and then we went for dinner at Smith and Wollensky for some delicious steaks and to talk some more.